Trailer for upcoming documentary on graphic novels and literacy

Introduction to the Workspace

Working with Panels

Inserting an image into a speech balloon

Working with Images

Speech Balloons

Saving and Exporting your graphic novel to your wikispaces page as a movie.
Exporting and Saving Your Graphic Novel to Wiki Spaces

Publishing and Exporting Your Project

Exporting your graphic novel to Google Presentation to get an embed code and URL

Google + Your Graphic Novel

Working with Layers

Adding Multiple Images to a Single Panel

Adding Filters and Styles to Images

Creating Transparent Image Backgrounds Using GIMP
Creating Transparency in Gimp

Uploading and Embedding with Youblisher!
Comic Life to Youblisher! To Embed and Link Your Graphic Novels
Additional Online Resources
Factoring with Mr. Yang and Mosley
Good examples of math tutorials created in Comic Life.

Comics in Education
Gene Yang's Master of Education Proposal gives an overview of using comics in the classroom.
The Grammar of Comic Speech Ballons: Great site for understanding how the placement, shape and design of speech balloons impacts the action in the story.
Additional Articles on Graphic Novels/Comics