Try using a QR Reader app in your smartphone or iPad to read this code:

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This is a sample of an audio book I created on the iPad using Scribblepress and the Voicethread apps.
I then moved over to the laptop and used Voicethread and Jing to create a screencast and hard copy of the file in mp4 format.
I then moved the mp4 movie into my Dropbox Public folder and right clicked to get the URL for the file.
Then I went to and pasted the URL into the site to create the above QR code, for which I selected a lovely purple.

Here are the steps in more detail:
With the iPad:

Create the book illustrations and text in Scribblepress
Screenshots of every page that automatically go to the photo library on the iPad
Import the screenshots to Voicethread app on the iPad
Record the audio in Voicethread on the iPad
Save to the Voicethread account.

On the computer:

Open your Voicethread account and open the Voicethread you created of the book.
Set it for public viewing and moderated comments
Set it to NOT start playing automatically.

In a quiet room (all sounds will be picked up by the internal mic on the computer):

Use JING, to record a screencast of the Voicethread as it plays. (the video tool)
Remember to start playing the Voicethread as soon as you click the record button.
Turn up the volume all the way.

Name and save the screencast with the title of the book and your DBN and student first name

Go to your Jing history (in the Jing Sun icon at the top or corner of your desktop)
Share the Voicethread and it will download a hard copy in mp4 format to your desktop.

Drag the mp4 into the PUBLIC folder of your Dropbox account. You should see the Dropbox icon at the top of your desktop on the Finder menu.

Right click on the file name in the public folder and get the Dropbox---->URL location

Use this with QR and create your QR code.

It sounds like a lot more than it is. The hardest part after creating the book is getting a clean recording in Jing. After that it is only a few clicks and it is done.

You can create interactive bulletin boards this way so anyone with a mobile device and a QR reader app can hear your story being read by the author. If you want to use your classroom computers, you can install QR reader onto the computer (free) and print out the QR codes on 8x11 paper with the title of the book and the author. Laminate and open the QR reader application and hold the code in front of the webcam and the book will open on your computer. But the best use by far is to encourage reading by mobile devices.