1. Please complete the following survey so we can update our records: http://bit.ly/voicesinhistory

  2. Then go to our grant wiki and complete the Pre-Teacher Survey. The link is: http://voicesinhistory.wikispaces.com/Pre-Survey

  3. If you are interested in our Online Option please go to http://bit.ly/vihonline
  4. You must also have your class take the appropriate Student Pre Survey
  5. Please print out the following documents from the document player, fill them out and fax back to us at 718-642-5789

  • Pages 1 & 2: Evaluator Opt Out Form Pages 1 & 2
  • Page 3: I Have Read statement Page 3
  • Page 4: NYPL Application
  • Page 5: OP 175
  • Page 6: Teacher Application (Make sure your principal signs this)
  • Page 7: Adult Consent form
  • Page 8: Student Consent Form (Print out a copy of the Student Consent form and make up a class set. We will need a copy of the signed consents, and you should keep one on file.