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´╗┐Evaluation Survey for Session 1 - December 17 or 21, 2010 - Click Here

What participants are saying about their iPads after the first session.

Mrs. Khondker: "I'm loving it so far. Bigger version of iPhone. Planning on using this for observations. Interested in using the eCove. In fell in love with fthe weather station."

Ms. Farooqi - "Using it for observations and emailing is going to be really helpful!"

Mr. Thomas Dick - "Using it for emailing.... Problems with cutting pasting- now using an app to help move and manage emails."

Mrs. Diaz - "I have been using this for a while. The children love it when I come into their classrooms with my iPad. I have created a template that I have been erasing now for my observations."

Mr. Crowder- " This allows me to get rid of the middle man for my observations. As I write, I can edit and get them back to reduce the turn around time."

Ms. Vera-Drucker - " I love technology. I use a lot of tools and have been using my blackberry to take notes. I also have an after school program and this would be great tool for me to use."

Ms. White - "I am really excited and am new to iPad world. I am excited about the emails and the ability to take photos of my iPad... Definitely going to integrate into classroom system."

Mr. Angueira- "The calendar feature is the best tool for me."

Ms. Seabrook- " I am happy to make connections between the first class and second class."

Mr. Miller- "I just purchased two class sets. I have a teacher who is fresh out of grad school and is a whiz at this and now I am learning how to do this. This is what the kids understand. It is awesome!"